Pictures of the home network lab

  The Net Assured DC the physical medium to a truly virtual world
This is the first post of many detailing the scripts I use to backup devices in my home lab. This post details a Palo Alto configuration backup API script. Eventually i’ll move to using Ansible but for now some simple scripts work nicely. Almost all the the backups in my lab are now automated. The script

Home Lab Versus A Cloud Lab

My last post detailed my home network lab setup. This post is an attempt to compare having a home lab versus a cloud lab. The cost to build my home network lab was around £3500. I plan on keeping the majority of the equipment for a minimum of 5 years. The cost comes to £58.00

The Home Networking Lab

Here is an overview of the Home networking lab setup. You might ask why even have a home lab these days? You can build a fairly grown up enterprise grade topology using virtualization? Agreed, especially if you have high spec workstation or choose a cloud provider for the compute. Why I built a home lab


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