I’ve just replaced the certificate on my Unifi controller due to the Google Chrome warnings about certificates with no subject alternative name extensions. I had to use my strongest Google-Fu and search for “Unifi Controller Import Externally Generated Certificate”. It was pretty hard finding all the details I needed so this is my gift to
This post is my reasons for why I didn’t buy a Mac Book Pro. I’ve just replaced my laptop as per my normal 5 ish year laptop refresh. For the first time, I considered a Mac Book Pro over my usual Lenovo windows based machine. This post is not a review of the laptop I
It can be tricky finding a reliable USB to serial adaptor. I’ve recently brought a new as I’ve replaced my laptop and my old adaptor was not compatible with Windows 10. Fortunately I found one that works on my first purchase, the StarTech USB to serial Adaptor. The Adaptor was recognised by Windows 10 with
This post details how I’ve been using OpenSSL to generate CSR’s with Subject Alternative Name Extensions. You may have noticed that since Chrome 58, certificates that do not have Subject Alternative name extensions will show as invalid. Amazing, I must have missed the memo on that. Most of the certificates I use in my home


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