Consolidating VM’s In The Home Lab

For the last few weeks I’ve been running out of RAM on both my hypervisors. Each server has the supported total of 32GB RAM and 1 x CPU Socket. The question I’d been asking myself was, do I purchase a third server or do I start consolidating VM’s in the home lab? The easiest and
This post details my approach to automating the reboot of my home cable modem. Up until recently my ISP has been extremely reliable and in over 14 years I’ve been a customer with them I could count on my hand the number of times I’d experienced issues. For the last week the service has been
I don’t usually write “this how you configure this” type blogs but for this particular problem I experienced I’ll make an exception. This post details how I resolved an issue with a Windows server 2012 domain controller not authenticating users. Up until I purchased a VM backup solution I was manually and occasionally taking backups
I’ve recently finished implementing a VM backup solution for the home lab. In this post I’ll detail some experiences I had while selecting a backup software vendor.  A few months back I lost a Windows Server 2012 domain controller due to disk corruption. Whilst taking a snapshot in VMware something went wrong and the VM


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