Project Open Case Gaming Rig 2016

UPDATE – Since writing this original post I made a few changes to the rig which you can read about here It’s been 6 years since I built my last PC Gaming rig. It was time to build a new one so project open case gaming rig 2016 was born. My son is now 5

Star Wars Rogue One

I’m likely going to watch the Star Wars Rogue One trailers over and over again until December. I have a feeling this movie is going to be equally as good as Episode 7. It also breaks the time up between now and next years Episode 8 release in the summer. To say I’m excited about

Pictures of the home network lab

As requested here are some (larger) pictures of the home network lab. Once I find some spare time Phase 2 will begin which will include replacing the spinning disks in the x86 servers to SSD’s and moving to using vSphere essentials licencing. A licenced version of VMware ESXi will enable me to move to automated
This is the first post of many detailing the scripts I use to backup devices in my home lab. This post details a Palo Alto configuration backup API script. Eventually i’ll move to using Ansible but for now some simple scripts work nicely. Almost all the the backups in my lab are now automated. The script


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