This post details a VMware ESXi host backups Python Script I use in my home lab. VCSA does not backup the configuration for the hosts it manages. Config items like vswitch, vnic, MTU settings, kernel interfaces and various other settings would be lost if the host fails. Re-building a host manually, especially hosts with complex
I’ve been slowly converting my bash scripts to Python. This post details how I solved an issue with executing Python scripts from crontab. Most of my bash scripts are scheduled to run daily using crontab and work fine. The first script I converted to Python was a bash script used to backup the configurations of my
How do you upgrade a VMware ESXi host that VCSA is running on? well, you can not use VCSA VUM (vCenter Server Appliance, VMware Update Manager). In this case we have a chicken and the egg problem. This is due to maintenance mode required on the host prior to patching but maintenance mode requires VCSA

Cisco SG300 backup python script

New script published to GitHub, a Cisco SG300 backup python script used to backup my SG300’s in my home lab. The script uses Netmiko to handle the ssh connection. The configuration from each switch is saved to a TFTP server in my home lab. I’ll shortly be adding an alternative version of the script which


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