News / Articles Week Ending 21/03/2015

SSL Interception

Interesting article regarding SSL interception deployments and associated risks. It would certainly be advisable to check your own deployments.

SSL Troubleshooting

While we are on the subject of SS, here’s a useful article regarding troubleshooting SSL connections using openssl.  The article covers the following:

1. Check the Connection
2. Decoding a Base64 Certificate (e.g. PEM)
3. Convert Certificate From DER to PEM Format
4. Checking Your Own Chain of Trust
5. Testing for SSLv3 Using OpenSSL

SDN Benefits For The SME

IPV6 Cheat Sheet

Virtulise a Fortinet firewall

The virtual image from Fortinet is time restricted to 14 days and only 4 firewall rules but it would be long enough to take a look / test their firewall.