This post details my observations and experiences Implementing Ubiquiti Unifi into the home network. If you intend to use Unifi devices exclusively then the kit will work straight out the box with little configuration required, no point in reading this post TL;DR. On the other hand if you have a fairly elaborate home network which
Some downtime between contracts provided me an opportunity to continue with some home renovations. Specifically, replacing all ten of our internal doors. This was not a small task as our house is 40+ years old each door required a fair amount of trimming to fit properly. The best advice I was given was start each

Disaster Recovery Plan

“There is a problem with the disaster recovery plan, there is no recovery and there’s a 97.6% chance of failure”
I’ve just replaced the certificate on my Unifi controller due to the Google Chrome warnings about certificates with no subject alternative name extensions. I had to use my strongest Google-Fu and search for “Unifi Controller Import Externally Generated Certificate”. It was pretty hard finding all the details I needed so this is my gift to


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